Ep. 83 – Working with Faith  

Description: Business talk with Hen, CEO of Faith T-shirt brand FAITH – For All Individuals That Hustle.


0:42 Shout out to IntheSkyNorfolk for workspace

1:14 Intro of Hosts and Guest Hen

2:50 Figuring Shxt Out Moment for Hen

3:20 Life Happened

3:41 Family

4:04 Reassembling Self

4:56 Suffering Depression

5:39 Back to School at Norfolk State University

7:05 Relationships and Figuring Things Out

8:09 In Your Own Way

9:12 Faith Coming Into Play

11:24 Faith

12:11 Applying Faith into Action

14:20 Supporting others while encouraging them to see Faith  

16:10 LucidProspective.com Advertising Media Agency

16:52 Being Present in the Moment

17:26 How Faith became the brand Name

18:00 Grind Pray

19:21 Settling in Lynnhaven Mall

22:03 Learning The Business

23:05 Hustle or Let it Go

23:41 Ahh Ahh Moment

24:37 Faith thoughts for the brand (For All Individuals That Hustle) 

26:39 Motherly Advice

27:16 Faith Timing

28:04 Display of product and sale

28:42 Three weeks later; Money on the way

30:21 Hue’s Mother Death

31:25 NovalViews Advertisement

32:53 Life After Death While Pushing Through

33:46 Reminiscing Youth Life

35:50 Beliefs

37:48 The Signs

38:40 Moments in Lynnhaven Mall

39:10 Sports Brand www.faithhustlesports.com

40:00 Make the Brand Make Since

41:26 Phil Sims Coaching

41:53 Sponsorships

42:10 VPN Advertisement PIAVPN.com

43:17 Figuring Out Now

43:46 Teamwork

44:28 The Unknown  

46:22 Logo of Faith – Icon




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