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Ep. 12 – Larrima Davis, CEO of BizProHQ

King & Flacs speak with Larrima Davis, CEO of BizProHQ! She takes us to school on business credit, taxes and more!

Ep. 26 – Randy Williams, CEO of Talley and Twine

King and Flacs are Back for Season 2 with the CEO of Talley and Twine! He speaks on his come up and inspiration for starting his watch empire!

Ep. 29 – Flat Earth Dave’s Quest

King & Flacs sit and discuss if the Earth is really flat with “Flat Earth Dave”! Watch, maybe he’ll change your mind, maybe he won’t.

Ep. 28 – Brian Grimes: A Real Estate Developer Mindset

King & Flacs speak with Real Estate developer and mogul Brian Grimes!! He talks about his Cash Flow University as well as the Developer Mindset!

Ep. 27 – The BSD Bandit – The Future of Tech

King & Flacs speak with the BSD Bandit and talk about the future of tech, PPP loan scams and much more!

Ep. 67 – E-Waste Gold Mine

Flacs & King speak with the DMV Computer Man to discuss his come up in the E-Waste business and what you need to do if you thinking about getting into this industry.

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