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Ep. 36 – Men’s Mental Health & Wellness

King & Flacs sit with Purdeep Sangha, author of “The Complete Man”. In this episode we talk about men’s mental health, wellness and family structure!

Ep. 35 – Walk 2 Wealth

King & Flacs speak with Walk 2 Wealth founder John Mendez about his journey to awakening and his goal of becoming a Podcast legend, speaker and helping the masses find their dreams.

Ep. 34 – Avoid Tax Audits in 2023

King & Flacs speak with IRS Enrolled Agent LaBena Oatis!
LaBena provides some crazy insight on what an Enrolled Agent is, new policies with the IRS and the U.S. Treasury Department and most of all ways to stay organized and tips to avoid getting audited by the IRS!

Ep. 33 – Healing Relationships with Black Fathers

King & Flacs speak with Myke Lynk to talk about his book “Eff Father’s Day” and his story on how he repaired his broken relationship with his father.

Ep. 32 – Starting a Turo Business!

King & Flacs speak with TJ The Turo Guy! Learn about the Turo car rental business and how you can purchase cars or LEVERAGE others’ cars to build up your Turo car rental business!

Ep. 31 – Achieving The American Dream

King & Flacs speak with Egyptian immigrant Omar Mohammed! He details his journey to come to American and make his dreams come true!

Ep. 30 – How To Improve Your Public Speaking w/Brenden K.

King & Flacs meet with CEO of MasterTalks Brenden Kumarasamy and discuss improving public speaking skills and communication for the business world.

Ep. 29 – Flat Earth Dave’s Quest

King & Flacs sit and discuss if the Earth is really flat with “Flat Earth Dave”! Watch, maybe he’ll change your mind, maybe he won’t.

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