Ep. 63 – Huel Yourself to Health!

Flacs & King speak with James Collier, the co-founder and official nutritionist of Huel!

Ep. 55 – Change Your Mind, Change Your Waistline

Flacs & King speak with Tamika Quinn, health activist and public speaker on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Tamika is a two time stroke survivor and changed her life when she realized her eating habits were negatively affecting herself and most importantly her family.

Ep. 48 – Derrick Beamon: Life is One Big Production

Flacs & King speak with Derrick Beamon, owner of One Big Production. He talks about his Figuring Shxt Out Moment and how he got started in producing Plays and stage productions for his company One Big Production.

Ep. 43 – Train & Burn Fitness Studio

Flacs & King speak with personal fitness trainer Curtis Starks of Train & Burn Fitness Studio in Birmingham, Alabama. Get inspired to work out and get in the best shape of your life!

Ep. 40 – Traveling Fashion Blogger

King & Flacs speak with Marquita Bianca. Fashion blogger and Director of Baila Fuzion!

Ep. 39 – Overcoming Obesity

King & Flacs speak with Andrea Moussa, a health and nutrition expert out of Dubai. Andrea also has a podcast titles “AYM to Talk” which you should check out.

Ep. 36 – Men’s Mental Health & Wellness

King & Flacs sit with Purdeep Sangha, author of “The Complete Man”. In this episode we talk about men’s mental health, wellness and family structure!

Ep. 22 – El Capitan Ambassador!

King & Flacs speak with one half of the Leaders Only Podcast, El Capitan. Watch this episode and start thinking clearly!

Ep. 21.5 – Gratitude!

King & Flacs go into details on how to be more gracious and attract better situations!!

Ep. 21 – Shintina Garris, Author & Motivational Speaker

King & Flacs speak with Author and motivational speaker Shintina Garris about her journey through anxiety & depression!

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