Ep. 67 – E-Waste Gold Mine

Flacs & King speak with the DMV Computer Man to discuss his come up in the E-Waste business and what you need to do if you thinking about getting into this industry.

Ep. 66 – How To Get Into Tech!

In this episode of Figuring Shxt Out, Flacs & King are going to tell their stories on how they got into Tech! Bottom line is its not impossible!

Ep. 38 – Forbes List 30 Under 30 Recipient

King & Flacs speak with Jada Mclean, CEO of Ethically Shopper, who also happens to be a 2023 Forbes list 30 under 30! We talk about her social endeavors in business, venture capital funding & much more!

Ep. 27.5 – Beware The Scammers!

King & Flacs speak on the craziness of scammers around the holidays! Also what’s this about ChatGPT?

Ep. 27 – The BSD Bandit – The Future of Tech

King & Flacs speak with the BSD Bandit and talk about the future of tech, PPP loan scams and much more!

Ep. 25 – Dawn Dickson, Inventor of PopCom!

King & Flacs close out Season One with the Great DAWN DICKSON!

Ep. 23.5 – Podcast Intro Course Coming Soon!

King & Flacs talk about their upcoming Intro to Podcasting Course and NDI technology Flacs stumbled upon.

Ep. 18.5 – We In The Mobile App Game!

King & Flacs talk about their mobile apps! CuttyApp is available now! Flacs’ app is currently under development!

Ep. 16 – Reggie Ralph of CySecSol.Org

King & Flacs speak with Reggie of CySecSol! This is definitely a Nerd talk!

Ep. 9 – Lionel “Upcoming Crypto King”

King & Flacs talk with CEO Lionel! He sheds some massive insight on crypto, its uses, benefits and why everyone should really be on board.

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