Ep. 39 – Overcoming Obesity

King & Flacs speak with Andrea Moussa, a health and nutrition expert out of Dubai. Andrea also has a podcast titles “AYM to Talk” which you should check out.

Ep. 36 – Men’s Mental Health & Wellness

King & Flacs sit with Purdeep Sangha, author of “The Complete Man”. In this episode we talk about men’s mental health, wellness and family structure!

Ep. 35 – Walk 2 Wealth

King & Flacs speak with Walk 2 Wealth founder John Mendez about his journey to awakening and his goal of becoming a Podcast legend, speaker and helping the masses find their dreams.

Ep. 33 – Healing Relationships with Black Fathers

King & Flacs speak with Myke Lynk to talk about his book “Eff Father’s Day” and his story on how he repaired his broken relationship with his father.

Ep. 30 – How To Improve Your Public Speaking w/Brenden K.

King & Flacs meet with CEO of MasterTalks Brenden Kumarasamy and discuss improving public speaking skills and communication for the business world.

Ep. 29 – Flat Earth Dave’s Quest

King & Flacs sit and discuss if the Earth is really flat with “Flat Earth Dave”! Watch, maybe he’ll change your mind, maybe he won’t.

Ep. 28.5 – Entitled Much?

King & Flacs speak about their website giveaway and the viral video of the Woman who demanded her Date buy her kids food off the first date.

Ep. 26.5 – There’s No Such Thing As A Real Man!

King & Flacs speak on what it means to be a real man and other topics!

Ep. 24.75 – KRS ONE & The Fourth Dimension

King & Flacs speak on the fourth dimension and a video about KRS One dropping knowledge on the power of the mind.

Ep. 22.5 – Consistency!!

King & Flacs discuss the beauty of being Consistent. Also we get a live call from Chief Yagga himself!!

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