Ep. 54 – Make Marriage Great Again

In probably our most controversial Podcast to date, The Figuring Shxt Out Podcast speaks with Drisco. Family man and advocate for homeschooling, biblical family values and much more!

In this episode, we dive into his recent panel on home schooling with VICE & how he and his family have decided to adopt traditional & biblical marriage roles in his household. We also touch on social issues such as LGBTQ+ and the move the Sound of Freedom.

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@Drisco757 @FamilyValuesTV

00:00 – Intro
01:12 – Drisco Intro
01:34 – Figuring Shxt Out Moment
02:50 – The transition to Homeschooling and Why
04:11 – The 2020 C-word lockdowns
05:00 – Homeschooling can be very different than public schools
05:31 – King’s realization of the failure of Public Schools
06:33 – How did it feel to realize your son wasnt on the reading level he was supposed to be on?
07:38 – Is there an agenda behind pushing failing kids forward?
08:27 – Crazy policies that hold black children back
09:02 – The process of pulling your kids out of the Public School system
11:26 – Judgement from family and the schools for pulling kids out
12:00 – What do you say to people looking at your kids being “outcasts”?
13:35 – The VICE PANEL Homeschooling Vs Public School
14:57 – Chinese Education vs America
16:28 – What do you say about people that says homeschool arent socialized well?
17:17 – CLICK THIS LINK HERE. Guarantee YOU DIDNT KNOW THIS about Homeschooling!
17:53 – 230,000 Students unaccounted for in Public Schools
19:25 – The VICE panel and LGBTQ indoctrination in public schools
22:23 – No Hate here. Showing Respect to LGBTQ while disagreeing with the lifestyle
23:16 – Homeschooling is far from sheltering or providing a narrow perspective
23:51 – Reaching out as Christians to LGBTQ
24:55 – How to pick and choose what to teach children?
27:38 – Whats missing in black America today??
29:05 – How did you decide to live a traditional marriage lifestyle?
31:46 – Who should stay home with the kids and who should go to work?
33:55 – Traditional marriages roles arent traditional but natural
34:35 – The real pandemic of the nuclear family
35:20 – Stats of family structures in USA
35:45 – Whats the solution to solving the nuclear family rates in America?
39:03 – We need the “I dont need a man” stuff to stop
41:01 – The Time factor in starting and raising a family
42:10 – The Dynamic of this world has changed SO MUCH in just 3 YEARS
42:42 – The Sound of Freedom, Ok for your kids to watch?
44:29 – Our young boys are in danger of sexual abuse as well
44:46 – Where are the adults in the room?
45:23 – The GAY Manifesto….
48:46 – We do not care, just leave the KIDS alone!
49:51 – Pedophilia is illegal, however they are trying to make strides…
50:45 – Self accountability and self awareness
52:30 – Discourse on these issues is crucial, do not remain silent
52:52 – Communication breeds understanding
54:21 – LGBTQ+ trending in mass media and influence
55:27 – The public is starting to fight back
56:12 – What is something you been trying to Figure out?? PROMOTE MARRIAGE!!!

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