Ep. 33 – Healing Relationships with Black Fathers

King & Flacs speak with Myke Lynk to talk about his book “Eff Father’s Day” and his story on how he repaired his broken relationship with his father.

Ep. 28.5 – Entitled Much?

King & Flacs speak about their website giveaway and the viral video of the Woman who demanded her Date buy her kids food off the first date.

Ep. 16.5 – What Are Gender Roles?

King & Flacs speak about gender roles and why are we still even talking about this??

Ep. 13.75 – Ego Destructiveness

King & Flacs speak about Ego Destructiveness and why the Black and Brown community can’t get shxt together.

Ep. 13.5 – Relationships & Marriage

King & Flacs talk relationships, marriage and some crazy chick that expected her man to pay for her and 18 of her friends restaurant bill!

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