Ep. 33 – Healing Relationships with Black Fathers

King & Flacs speak with Myke Lynk to talk about his book “Eff Father’s Day” and his story on how he repaired his broken relationship with his father.

You can buy “Eff Father’s Day” wherever books are sold!

00:00 – Intro
01:27 – Mic Lynk Speaks Intro
05:06 – Forgiving My Father was my Figuring Shxt out Moment
08:00 – The “F” words kids feel when raised by a single parent
12:03 – How to stop suppressing your emotions
14:45 – Anger, forgiveness & Self-Work to reconciling
21:00 – Fathers past impacts a boys self-discovery
25:25 – The “AA styled” Emotional Discovery Process
28:00 – Eff Fathers Day was the #1 Parenting Book Category
31:53 – Fully Loaded Free Website Raffle
35:01 – Website Trouble Shooting basics
37:31 – Website Hosting Companies “F” you over
39:38 – The best tool if you struggle with an absent father

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