Ep. 74 – IT Changed My Life

Rich speaks with us on his journey from struggle and trying to figure out how to raise a child to his triumph when discovering all the IT industry has to offer in terms of independence and career. We also talk about the implications of A.I. and the future of Information Technology!

Ep. 70 – Tech Is Here To Stay

Flacs & King chop it up with Techie Dwight Nelson! He takes us through his journey as a government IT contractor and what he thinks is in store for the future of IT and AI!

Ep. 66 – How To Get Into Tech!

In this episode of Figuring Shxt Out, Flacs & King are going to tell their stories on how they got into Tech! Bottom line is its not impossible!

Ep. 27.5 – Beware The Scammers!

King & Flacs speak on the craziness of scammers around the holidays! Also what’s this about ChatGPT?

Ep. 27 – The BSD Bandit – The Future of Tech

King & Flacs speak with the BSD Bandit and talk about the future of tech, PPP loan scams and much more!

Ep. 16 – Reggie Ralph of CySecSol.Org

King & Flacs speak with Reggie of CySecSol! This is definitely a Nerd talk!

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