Ep. 74 – IT Changed My Life

Rich speaks with us on his journey from struggle and trying to figure out how to raise a child to his triumph when discovering all the IT industry has to offer in terms of independence and career. We also talk about the implications of A.I. and the future of Information Technology!

00:00 – Intro
02:13 – Intro of our Guest!
04:31 – What was your figuring shxt out moment?
07:08 – Getting serious with career due to children
08:45 – Getting into IT and realizing the salary potential
13:42 – What avenue of IT are you working in?
14:34 – How did you get into Database administration?
15:00 – Learning deprecated technology
18:32 – Why are Congressmen so old??
19:58 – Why no term limits in congress?
22:14 – Teaching the generations to come and the AI implications
23:47 – IS AI going to be good or bad for tech industry?
24:51 – Keeping the human resource skillset up to date when AI does everything
26:46 – We dont know how old tech works today. Todays tech no one will know tomorrow
29:16 – Speed of progession in IT
30:30 – What do you say to those who are scared to go into IT
34:00 – Why you should get into IT today
34:25 – Do you need to be a genius to get into IT?
35:55 – Getting addicated to ah ha moments while figuring shxt out
36:57 – Being tested on the job in real life
43:12 – Hobbies in music and how IT made it available
47:02 – Not being discouraged when applying or seeking IT positions
50:20 – Whats something you trying to figure out now | Close Out!

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