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Ep. 61 – Young Investors Group

Flacs & King speak with the founder of the Young Investors Group, Kezia Hendricks! She talks about how her organization got started and what inspired her to want to give back!

Ep. 60 – The Untold Journey of KENSPO: Fashion Stylist on the Rise

Flacs & King speak with Kendra Grimes of KENSPO!! We catch up with the former “Kori Nicole” singer, now turned thriving personal stylist and pick her fashion brain on Men & Women’s fashion!

Ep. 59 – Unveiling the TJL Collection: Fashion Tall Women

Flacs & King speak with Tiffany Jones of The TJL Collection! Tiffany speaks on her start in the fashion industry and how she got her brand on the radar of players in the WNBA!

Ep. 58 – The Game is Real Estate

Flacs & King speak with Esmel Meeks, a young Real Estate investor that has changed his life around with that monthly Mailbox Money!! Watch this interview to see tips on how to make it in Real Estate.

Ep. 57 – Obstacles: An Urban Novella

Flacs & King speak with Courtney Portman, a self published arthur of the book “Obstacles: An Urban Novella”. Get your copy off Amazon!

Ep. 56 – Venture Capitalist Class 101

Flacs & King speak with serial venture capitalist Pedro Moore! Pedro comes by the podcast and drops some gems on the venture capitalist world and what you should be looking for when investing or buying into businesses.

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