Ep. 82 – The beard life was in me! 

Ep. 82 – Arrington Gavin

Description: Arrington Gavin balancing work life as a radio personality and entrepreneur along with how it all started.


00:00 Host introducing themselves King Arthur

2:51 Intro of guest Arrington Gavin

3:23 Appreciation gift bags for both Host with Beard Mist, Moisturizing Lotion and Face Wash

4:46 Sin Price Candles

5:30 Men candle line

6:00 Beard Fragrances

6:40 Shxt Out Moment Planning / Scheduling

8:05 College moment Figuring Shxt Out  

8:37 Gavin Beard at 14 yrs old

9:10 Maintaining as a Man with Grooming

9:43 Age of Metro-Sexual

10:23 Lucid advertising

11:24 Gavin speak about hosting Radio

12:15 Weekly Radio Show

12:57 In Your City Radio Show

14:00 Gavin Arrington Show interviewing local politicians  

15:07 Cheryl Turpin

16:12 Juggling Work Life platforms

18:00 Toastmaster

18:27 Speaking to others and anticipation of nervousness

19:47 Diversity with interviewees

22:00 King Arthur NovelViews Advertisement

22:46 Beauty of Podcasting

23:34 Laughter for Tomorrow Future / Events by Gavin Arrington

22:41 Starting Events

25:20 Pass Events

26:00 Birthing of Beard Products

28:21 Beards Trending

30:06 Online launch of Beard Product

30:29 E-Commerce Ruggedevo.com

30:40 Social Media

30:55 Figuring Shxt Out Right Now

31:04 How to Be Better Media Personality

32:06 Radio Idols

33:53 Ruggedevo Discount

34:00 Contact information Social Media @Arringtongavin and RSmoothClubMedia

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