Ep. 65 – No Labels Tour

Flacs & King speak with Smart of the No Labels Tour. Smart is a motivational speaker, rapper, activist and philanthropist making a difference with a mission to help people realize their true potential and awaken the world to Black Excellence.

00:00 – Intro
02:26 – Figuring Shxt Out Moment
08:14 – What set you apart from others that keep going back to jail?
09:20 – Technology and cell phones made to distract us
11:14 – Unplugging from the Matrix
12:24 – The power of SELF!
15:03 – How are you pushing your message?
15:31 – Change how you look at things, and those things change
17:37 – What bout haters and nay sayers?
20:37 – Who are you targeting with the No Labels Tour?
21:05 – Topics of discussion at the No Labels Tour!
21:40 – Why is it important to have a strong mental in entreprenuership?
23:29 – Attack on Black minds & mentality
25:28 – What does Unify & Thrive mean to you?
25:53 – How do you reconcile being Good and in your highest form while others are not?
28:58 – Music Tour is coming next!! Artists/Producers listen up!!
30:29 – SMART GOING IN!!!!
31:54 – What is something you trying to Figure Out Right Now?
32:08 – Follow SMART on all his socials (outro)

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