Ep. 42 – Stay Sharp With RareCut

King & Flacs talk with Anthony Orisses, CEO of RARECUT! Anthony created a one of kind pocket square that you won't believe!

00:00 - Intro
01:13 - Anthonys Intro & Figure Shxt Out Moment
04:32 - Men need an outlet too!
07:04 - How long did it take to develop Rarecut?
08:57 - The importance of support people in your corner
11:41 - What were the early days of executing rarecut like?
14:06 - How did you come up with "memory metal"?
18:04 - Kickstarter marketing!
19:23 - Shark Tank guest appearance incoming! 
19:59 - Licensing characters, patterns and customization
22:04 - Selling RARECUT after Covid
23:43 - Does RARECUT work?
26:22 - How can you wash it?
28:00 - Is RARECUT exclusive to a male audience?
33:38 - Have you considered other applications of the "memory metal" in other apparel products?
36:32 - How did you get engineers involved with your invention?
41:51 - How long did it take from RARECUT conception to your first sale?
46:35 - Did you ever come to a crossroads where you wanted to quit?
48:57 - The Naysayers that still love you
50:42 - Advice from Anthony when getting started
54:02 - What's the first step to manufacturing an invention?
56:21 - What about if a patent already exists for your idea?
59:03 - Where can you find Anthony and Rarecut online?
59:48 - The secret to getting the same account name on all platforms
1:02:54 - Closing Out!!

Ep. 14 – Amir Driver of Made In Norfolk Apparel

King & Flacs meet with A. Driver, owner of Made In Norfolk Apparel. Driver speaks on opening his retail store, maintaining and inspiring the youth in Norfolk, VA!

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