Ep. 27 – The BSD Bandit – The Future of Tech

King & Flacs speak with the BSD Bandit!

00:00 intro
02:54 Who is BSD Bandit?
04:43 Figuring Shxt Out Moment
06:12 What is BSD Bandit’s field in tech?
08:08 People losing jobs in Tech
09:33 Jobs vs Careers
10:53 Great Reset
13:24 TikTok is taking over your brain
15:12 What would the Tech world look like in 10 years?
17:49 Robotic Future
21:03 NFTs
23:39 Renting House Scam
26:11 Art and Fashion
27:24 What is new in the security world? How to be safe from scams and cyber-hacks?
29:40 Security concerns with debit card
35:51 Where will the society head of all unwanted jobs are automated by Robotics and AI?
37:38 What is Mastodon?
40:23 Meditation
43:13 Cyber Security career path
47:02 Mental Energy
51:20 If you’re in Fast Food lane….
53:11 Avoid these people
57:24 The Independent Route

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