Ep. 70 – Tech Is Here To Stay

Flacs & King chop it up with Techie Dwight Nelson! He takes us through his journey as a government IT contractor and what he thinks is in store for the future of IT and AI!

00:00 – Intro
02:02 – Guest Intro
02:24 – Figuring Shxt Out Moment!
04:58 – Howd you get into Gov contracting?
06:52 – Where would you be without Tech??
09:25 – What’s your plan on evolving in your contract?
10:10 – Tell us more about your contract and company
14:25 – How important is it to have soft skills in tech?
15:17 – What did you install for your contract?
17:33 – Do you think everyone should get into tech?
18:44 – What are three steps for newbies to get into Tech?
20:37 – When did you first get interested in Tech?
21:12 – When did Flacs & King get into tech?
25:35 – Tech is a great career that more people should look into
27:47 – Do you think AI is taking all the tech jobs?
29:09 – Cyber Security and implementing AI
31:41 – Fails of AI
34:38 – Where is IT and Tech going?
36:12 – Are humans really so stupid?? Why so many problems still after all our history?
40:50 – The populace never starts the wars
42:15 – What is something you trying to figure out right now?

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