Ep. 73 – Becoming a Candle Mogul

In this video, King Arthur speaks with Cyn Price, the CEO of THE ACO BRAND. A candle company based out of Virginia.

You’re going to learn how Cyn Price made her way to leaving the rat race and becoming independent in her candle company. She left the 9-5 and became extremely successful!

00:00 – Intro
01:27 – Figuring Shxt Out Moment!
01:49 – How did you get into candle making?
02:20 – What other self care products do you offer?
02:59 – Why do you think the candles took off?
04:26 – How do you make your candles?
05:19 – What makes a good candle maker?
06:15 – Do Men like candles?
07:33 – Why did you start workshops?
08:30 – How did you find your spaces for workshops?
10:46 – How did you get your store front?
12:31 – How did you find your location?
14:20 – How did Google order from you?
15:29 – Talking on the struggle and analyzing the market
18:00 – What is the market place you find the corporate clients?
22:16 – How do you fulfil large orders?
23:10 – The Trill Burger story and quality over quantity
24:43 – Do you dictate to the market or does market dictate to you?
25:38 – What is something you’re trying to figure out right now?
28:51 – How was leaving the 9-5 rat race?
32:59 – Outro and where to find ACOBRAND!

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