Ep. 26 – Randy Williams, CEO of Talley and Twine

King & Flacs speak with the CEO of Talley and Twine Randy Williams!

Visit www.talleyandtwine.com and get your watches!!

00:00 – Intro
02:55 – Figuring Shxt Out Moment
05:35 – Taste of Entrepreneurship
06:19 – What inspired the creation of Talley & Twine?
08:59 – How to move from a conceptual design to a final product?
11:05 – Does the entrepreneur need to understand the mechanical aspects of the product?
14:35 – Product marketing strategy
18:44 – Marketing through influencers
21:14 – Business Structure and first Business Move
22:45 – Best selling product of Tally & Twine?
24:53 – Any Vending Machine plans?
27:04 – Vending Machine with luxury watches and electronic devices
30:09 – Brick and motor spots/ Outlets of Talley & Twine?
33:54 – Wouldn’t it be more beneficial to keep it to unique location?
37:13 – Words of Wisdom

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