Ep. 60 – The Untold Journey of KENSPO: Fashion Stylist on the Rise

Flacs & King speak with Kendra Grimes of KENSPO!! We catch up with the former “Kori Nicole” singer, now turned thriving personal stylist and pick her fashion brain on Men & Women’s fashion!

Visit Kendra’s channel here: @kenspo4038

00:00 – Intro
02:43 – Figuring Shxt Out Moment
03:42 – What was your trigger to move differently?
06:51 – What happened with your singing career?
11:04 – Who is Kendra now?
12:09 – How do you convert clients onto your program?
13:03 – What is KENSPO?
15:09 – Describe your style of fashion to a blind person
17:11 – What sets you apart from other brands?
20:25 – Where are you now in a business sense?
21:50 – Tik Tok forcing stepping up, FB/IG is pushing ad sales..
26:15 – How are you building your clientele outside of social media
28:14 – What brands do you shop for?
31:31 – Do you style men and women? and how do you style Men?
38:38 – How do you tell someone they need help in their appearance?
40:47 – What do your woman clients approach you for?
43:45 – Are baggy clothes coming back for men?
46:15 – Where did the Outrageous Oversized trend in Hip Hop come from?
47:53 – What’s one thing you trying to figure out today?
50:15 – Outro! How to find Kendra on social media!!

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