Ep. 72 – The Music Never Stops

In this video, Flacs & King speak with established songwriter, artist, composer and music producer who is credited with work in video games, television and much more! You’re going to learn how to Jade Josephine made it in the music industry and what steps you can take to make it in your music career as well!

00:00 – Intro
01:31 – Guest Intro
02:18 – Figuring Shxt Out Moment!
06:50 – How much time between starting learning music and getting paid?
10:12 – Mama I made it moment! Tetris placement
10:59 – Platform vs exclusivity?
13:53 – What about producers??
18:20 – Losing the passion for music and getting it back
20:00 – Making the music thats wanted for commercial use
20:47 – Making music for the money and fame
22:53 – Making music thats wanted for commercial use, did it make you a better artist?
23:53 – What is the business structure to get started in music seriously?
25:17 – What would you do different with what you know now, back then?
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31:09 – Copyrighting music and protecting your self
34:01 – How important was music education in your career?
36:30 – How do you think AI is going to change the music industry?
39:37 – AI is coming and sounding just like major artists
42:01 – Consumers must say no to AI music, the market will decide
43:37 – Are the consumers the most intelligent audience?
44:17 – If there’s an artist inside of you, that artist will always consume that art!
48:07 – Can AI push musicians into creating somethng newer and evolve into the next level musically?
49:50 – Norfolk Statue University this Feb 28th! Dont Miss it!!
50:50 – Learn more about Jades GA event coming March!
52:25 – What is something you trying to figure out right now?
53:46 – Where to find Jade/OUTRO!!!

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