Ep. 51 – Mass Attention Marketing

TerrellJones, world renowned marketing professional sits with Flacs & King to discuss his background and his come up in the Marketing and Advertising Industry!

Terrell has an amazing story and in this episode he shares with us his inspiring insights into mass marketing for your business. If you’re interested in learning about how to market yourself and to see what Terrell and his firm can do for you do NOT miss this episode.

01:40 – Intro of TERRELL!!
02:11 – Figuring Shxt Out Moment
03:35 – Pushing Beyonce Tickets fail
09:12 – It’s important to START!!
09:29 – Terrells Testimonials
10:56 – Vetting real experience vs newbies
11:57 – How to break in the mentoring and course space
12:34 – 10,000 hour rule ALWAYS
13:30 – Skill building over time
13:58 – Consistency and the numbers game
15:35 – Terrell’s background before marketing
16:51 – Becoming an authority in your space and branding
18:44 – Brand building without a product or service
20:20 – Learning from Network marketing and MLM’s (Passion REQUIRED)
22:29 – Affiliate marketing as an option
23:49 – Is Money a good motivator for long-term success?
26:51 – MLM business model vs targeted marketing
29:56 – Why is the WHY so important?
32:09 – Experience, Education & Expertise
32:45 – Target audience can’t be IGNORED!
33:21 – Start with your own EXPERIENCE and build product or service around that
36:22 – What does a client need to approach you with for maximum return?
39:45 – Testing different advertisements: Critical STEP!
43:16 – Trend changes over time with advertising and what public responds to
46:41 – What about people who don’t respond to Ads?
50:12 – Do you help influencers build brand awareness alone?
54:54 – Best promotion for influencers and podcasts is GOOD CONTENT
56:50 – What makes your agency so special and stand out?
59:40 – Do you help with product/service vetting?
1:03:52 – Example of money as motivation but passion isnt there
1:05:50 – Where to find Terrell Jones online and on social media

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