Ep. 13.5 – Relationships & Marriage

Bunee Flacs and King Arthur talk about relationships and marriage and this crazy girl that was mad her boyfriend didnt pay for her and 18 of her friends restaurant bill, lawd…


00:00 – Intros and businesses
08:00 – Fresh and Fit Guys
09:40 – Being a Playa because you cant keep a girl?
11:19 – Nick Cannon out here repopulating the Earth
13:00 – Fresh and Fit are truthful assholes
14:21 – Paying for Your Girl and ALL her friends??
18:37 – Marriage aint for EVERYBODY
21:32 – When a spouse HAS Envy YOU
22:42 – You know what you Know
23:26 – You can ONLY Control YOURSELF
24:20 – Dont Look to other people to make you Happy
24:56 – What is Happiness?
26:19 – Message for the unhappily married LOL
27:00 – Learning from EVERY Relationship
28:53 – The Takeaways of the discussion
29:08 – Don’t ignore those red flags
29:33 – People from Alabama….
31:13 – It Aint how much you make, its how much you KEEP!

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