Ep. 36 – Men’s Mental Health & Wellness

King & Flacs sit with Purdeep Sangha, author of “The Complete Man”. In this episode we talk about men’s mental health, wellness and family structure!

00:00 Intro
01:42 Purdeep Sangha, Men Mental Health & Wellness
04:35 From 6 Figure Salary to Figuring Shxt Out
11:25 Building a Network to grow in your career
16:25 the Journey of Being a Complete Man
19:00 So called Alpha Males
24:40 why this information are taught in schools
35:15 Biggest Problem Men Face in the shadows
42:50 Biology Hacking
47:29 Don’t be forced to take care of your health
50:30 How to Vet a mentor
52:05 Contact Purdeep Sangha

Purdeep Bio:
Purdeep is the World’s Leader in Complete Strategic Advising, the Amazon international best-selling author of “The Complete Man” and TV show host of “Mind Your Own Business.” He’s also an international entrepreneur, speaker and podcaster.

He is an internationally acclaimed business strategist and performance advisor to high-performing CEO’s, executives and entrepreneurs. He’s also top rated men’s leadership coach and teaches men how to become The Complete Man; a man who achieves ultimate performance, fulfillment and victory in every area of his life. He shows men how to live at their highest potential and be the best possible business leader, husband, father and man they can be.

From the very first moment he started managing employees at the age of 16, he was fascinated with business growth and leadership. Purdeep has spent his entire career solving complex problems and enhancing results for businesses and the lives of men. He has significantly increased the the performance and bottom lines of businesses ranging from startups to seasoned corporations in countless industries. He is the “ideal” advisor for businessmen as he has a vast understanding of how work and life fit together to complete a man’s life. Purdeep has extreme expertise, skills and insight in business strategy, marketing & sales and also has expert knowledge in innovation, customer experience, high-performance teams and operations. He has spent tens of thousands of hours studying, researching and experiencing business and personal growth opportunities around the world.

For more info on the Podcast, visit: https://www.figuringshxtout.com
For more info on Purdeep, visit his website: https://purdeepsangha.com/

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