Ep. 55 – Change Your Mind, Change Your Waistline

00:00 – Intro
01:12 – Figuring Shxt Out Moment for Tamika
03:06 – Health of daughters changed my families lifestyle
03:45 – What was the correlation of health problems in the family
04:35 – Changing childrens diet for their own benefit
05:14 – Did you know how you was eating was hazardous?
06:53 – CHKD program “Healthy YOU”
07:16 – Changing diet as a family no matter your current status
08:34 – How did you have two strokes at 27 years old?
09:27 – What caused the strokes?
10:15 – We all know what we’re supposed to eat, we just DONT
10:51 – Why is it so hard to eat properly?
12:38 – We gotta leave the Bread ALONE!!
13:19 – How did you transition your family to healty eating?
14:34 – Change Your Mind, Change Your Waistline! Get the Book!
15:36 – How did you stay consistent on the lifestyle change?
16:59 – How did you cut out MEAT?
18:04 – Did you also cut back on Bread and high carbs?
19:48 – Do you have any tips on how to cut out BREAD?
21:55 – How did you turn food education into a passion?
23:00 – Go Get that BOOK! Where to get the book and more about it
24:46 – What do you say about the over weight people body positivity movement
30:53 – What is Black Girl Stroke Magic?
31:14 – Doctors and their doomsday diagnosis!!
33:18 – Why do Doctors HAVE to give you the worst News in their diagnosis
35:38 – How did you deal with the Doctors prognosis?
37:30 – Flac’s cancer background and his battle with Dr diagnosis
38:32 – What options are available for the older generation and health?
39:14 – When the grandparents arent on board with healthy eating…
40:27 – When you deviate from parents they take it personal
43:54 – We are all learning and growing!
45:25 – Advice for older generation to change their diet for their own health?
48:13 – What type of fasting is beneficial?
49:39 – Where can people find you??
50:40 – What is something you’re trying to Figure Out Right now?

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