Ep. 76 – Top Reasons To Homeschool

Bunee Flacs & King Arthur speak with Satoria Holland of “Love You Louder” (https://www.loveyoulouder.org/) In this first episode of Season Four we go into depth on homeschooling, the benefits of being a stay at home Mom and some of the controversy surrounding our Public School system!

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00:00 – Intro
02:41 – Whats something new you’ve figured out?
03:00 – Self gardening and the benefits
04:02 – What is the significance of lunar eclipse
06:16 – Our last convo with Satoria
07:03 – Cardi B’s controversial statement about relationships
08:06 – Satoria is about Women Empowerment!
09:03 – The internet came for Satoria in our last episode
09:48 – Issues with homeschooling
10:25 – Why do you have to deal with agencies for home schooling
11:45 – Teaching the way you want your children to learn
12:38 – What about the social learning aspect of homeschooling?
13:30 – What about people who don’t understand the lifestyle of homeschooling or being a stay at home wife?
17:04 – The benefits of homeschooling!!
17:59 – You dont have to send your kids to public school!
19:10 – The seven year wedge between kids and parents
21:20 – Most dont know homeschool is a even an option!
22:39 – What limitations are there for homeschool?
23:26 – Why are public schools indoctrinating kids to keep secrets from their parents?
23:57 – Other resources for homeschoolers
25:54 – Should you take your kids out of public school?
27:40 – Schools are build like prisons
28:00 – The hours spent away in public schools….
30:54 – How social media keeps minds stagnant
32:38 – Kids on social media
34:00 – Does social media stifle growth?
35:20 – Social media has its pros and cons
36:31 – Social media is here to stay
38:23 – Metaverse fail
39:35 – Did Lia Thomas get his medals taken away?
41:51 – Planet fitness controversy, Men in Women’s bathrooms
43:02 – Pronouns and change of language
43:39 – indoctrination of children via pediatricians offices
45:06 – The lie that children cant be influenced to be gay or trans
47:03 – The minority adult cutoff age
50:01 – Why is this just America?? They dont do this in Russia or China
51:08 – The trauma posts being shared on Facebook
53:22 – The Tik Tok ban and reason behind it
54:20 – Stay vibrating HIGH! Message from Flacs
56:10 – Self Care Cruise and Close OUT!!

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