Ep. 48 – Derrick Beamon: Life is One Big Production

Flacs & King speak with Derrick Beamon, owner of One Big Production. He talks about his Figuring Shxt Out Moment and how he got started in producing Plays and stage productions for his company One Big Production.

For more info on the podcast visit: https://www.figuringshxtout.com
Subscribe to Derrick Beamon here @onebigproduction8646

00:00 – Intro
01:40 – Guest Intro
03:04 – Figuring Shxt Out Moment!
05:12 – What you working on right now?
07:02 – What is ONE BIG Production?
08:04 – What’s the current production?
11:00 – What’s the staffing like for putting on plays?
13:54 – Why do your plays focus on standing against violence?
18:06 – How did you get your staff and crew together?
20:43 – Gotta keep the family involved!! Teach the kids!
22:06 – How did you keep going even when nobody showed up the first time?
25:22 – How was the business side of producing plays?
29:25 – Taking the lessons in
29:50 – College Pyramid Scheme
31:30 – Getting better with time and experience
33:03 – Tank Top Tony!!
34:30 – Where to find Derrick Beamon!!
36:20 – Why did you clean up your diet?
37:40 – Past learning experiences

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