Ep. 77 – Wear Your Seatbelts!

Flacs & King speak with Exodus Logistics Learning Center’s Charles Mundy! This is his second time on the podcast and he’s catching us up on the trucking industry, AI and for god sakes wear your seat belts! 

00:00 – Intro
03:28 – Our last show comments said Charles was lying?!?!
05:06 – Lies do be on the internet tho
05:58 – What does ELLC have to offer!
08:17 – Whats something you figured out recently?
09:16 – The effects of the Baltimore bridge attack
12:29 – How to transport freight trapped in the Baltimore port
13:24 – Expand a little bit on the virtue of patience
18:20 – Figuring Shxt Out Guests
19:24 – How did you find your team?
20:59 – The old ways of doing business in families and going back to small business
23:05 – The Youtube and adsense combo: dont drop the bag!
27:08 – Truck N Hustle podcast Episode 108 featuring Charles Mundy
28:19 – Get into content creation mode!
30:10 – The Podcast Network is in the works!
32:44 – Consistency is the KEY!
34:21 – Using AI to assist with content creation
35:48 – Dont let lack of equipment or tools stop you
37:44 – Legacy Media is officially dying
38:32 – How are you helping your company grow?
39:48 – Whats new in the trucking world? AI driving trucks
41:44 – Is the future Drones?
43:34 – The movies tell us what tech theyre working on
44:02 – How far are we going with AI?
45:27 – Natures purpose for us
48:18 – Leave the neuralink ALONE
49:50 – Is it constituional to force people to wear seatbelts?
51:02 – Whats something you trying to figure out right now?

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