Ep. 24 – Tremaine Wills, HIGH Vibrational Financial Advisor

King & Flacs speak with Financial Advisor Tremaine Wills!

00:00 intro
00:32 Temperament of our community
02:54 Guest Introduction
03:43 Figuring Shxt Out moment
06:05 First thing to figure out when working with client
07:10 Why people spend the way they spend
07:27 Four types of Money Scripts
14:48 Mindset of people that grew in Poverty
15:58 Saving and Inflation
20:37 Income with master’s degree
22:31 Personal Responsibilities
24:03 Biggest Misconception about wealth building
26:17 Working as a financial advisor
28:05 What do most client looks for?
29:41 Does everyone have same formula?
32:06 How financial advisor helps you?
36:55 How to onboard people without making them insecure
41:12 Should you give Discounts?
43:34 First Astronomical Fee
47:10 The Degree of Separation
49:02 How to get out of debt?
53:00 Dave Ramsey’s book of making money through sacrifices
58:18 How to make more money?
1:02:23 How to deal with people’s excuses?
1:07:52 Become Intentional about being wealthy

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