Ep. 67 – E-Waste Gold Mine

Flacs & King speak with the DMV Computer Man to discuss his come up in the E-Waste business and what you need to do if you thinking about getting into this industry.

00:00 – Intro
02:40 – Figuring Shxt Out Moment
05:53 – What is E-waste?
09:13 – Getting paid to pick up e-waste
11:26 – Pulling metals out of old electronics
13:50 – What parts of computers have GOLD?
16:00 – Can anyone strip precious metals out of electronics?
17:51 – Getting money for old cords???
19:36 – What was your first move when going solo?
21:26 – How did the store front come about?
23:45 – Getting inventory from unlikely places
25:34 – Moving inventory for the first time
30:52 – How’d you get more inventory after selling all out?
31:54 – Regulations surrounding resales from govt entities
34:31 – Refurbishing equipment for the community
36:13 – Educating the consumer base is important
37:47 – Being informed on equipment that you need
40:02 – What else does the community need that you are working on?
43:17 – Tech is growing exponentially and people arent catching up
46:39 – Tech is a huge industry, cyber security isnt the only thing out there
48:54 – Flacs didnt know shit about the e-waste industry
49:59 – Computer man drops the game RIGHT HERE CLICK THIS!!
54:18 – Whats the address to the shop and whats going on there?
57:45 – Whats something you trying to figure out right now?

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