Ep. 80 – Our Brand Media

Cheryl Berry is the founder of Our Brand Media and the creator of Our Brand TV. She has close to 20 years of experience working in media. Her platform designed as a mini TV, has made it easy to upload content, make payments, and download necessary documents. All a creator has to do is upload the video in a professionally filmed format, affirm ownership rights, submit payment, and schedule a request. It is free and available to non-Hollywood creators.


00:00:02 Intro 

00:00:43 Episode 80 Figuring Shxt Out Podcast. 

00:00:59 Check out Lucid Perspective and cyberbunny.com

00:01:27 Head over to Rugged Evo the checkout code FSO; they got a nice little discount for you all over there. 

00:01:51. Today’s guest is Cheryl Patrice 

00:07:53 What is the dream that you started to follow after your figuring shxt out moment? 

00:11:32 So you have the channels, could you download it on Roku? 

00:21:08 What I’d like to see up on the channel.  

00:34:14 Don’t let them bottle up your juice and sell it as if it’s their own. 

00:34:49 What plan do you have to attract new content creators to your platform?  

00:36:32 Should you do all that stuff first before you create it? What should be my first step? 

00:38:34 When you download the app, is it the same as the website?

00:42 Is the app welcoming podcasts? 

00:53:23 Why did FSO decide to make a podcast? 

01:00:08 What is something you are trying to figure out now in the present? 

01:01:52 This is a wrap of episode 80, Thank you so much. 

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