Ep. 53 – The Journey To One Trillion

Flacs & King speak with top 100 financial advisor Tremaine Wills! We catch up with her on new things since her last appearance with us to include meeting the first Black chairwoman of the NY Stock Exchange & starting her new One Million to a Trillion Journey!

00:00 – Intro
01:32 – Intro of Guest!
03:15 – London is on the itinerary
04:16 – What have you figured out since our last show?
04:45 – Patience and self actualization
06:42 – The time it takes for harvest
07:54 – What’s new with the Rich Retirement FB Page?
08:26 – Men yall gotta do better! Stop harrasing these Women entrepeneurs!
09:31 – One Million to a TRILLION
11:45 – Tremaine’s Podcast on the way! Journey to One Trillion
13:33 – Speak on This trend on hating Billionaires…
16:24 – Intention with picking guest speakers for your lives
19:43 – Getting comfortable trusting other people with your audience
21:50 – How does Tremaine feel about her service to her clients?
24:05 – looking for the magic bullet
25:55 – How does Tremaine encourage people?
28:54 – What led to meeting the Chair women of the NY Stock Exchange?
32:02 – How was it meeting your hero at the NY Stock Exchange?
33:49 – First MUSIC INDUSTRY ETF in history. Tremaine was there!
37:48 – Keep dreaming and desiring!
39:17 – What’s the next thing Tremaine is trying to figure out?
42:05 – Are CPA’s financial advisors?
44:40 – How do you plan on finishing the year?
47:25 – Tremaine’s upcoming Master Class
49:30 – Tenacity is the word (Super Soaker story)
50:45 – Increase your offers!! Stay Consistent!
53:05 – Close out! Where to find Tremaine Wills!!

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