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Ep. 44 – Content Creating

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With Bigg Kish
Flacs and King speak with upcoming podcaster and content creator Bigg Kish. 

00:00 - Intro
01:49 - Intro of Bigg Kish, FSO Moment 
03:24 - Whats going on in the hood
04:35 - Life after prison
05:42 - Who is Bigg Kish?
08:41 - Doing one thing vs doing many
11:00 - Bigg Kishs Youtube channel hit 1k on OUR SHOW!
13:06 - Consistency is KEY. How many times we been saying this?
16:00 - Spend time with yourself!!
17:06 - Your vision is for YOU to see 
18:24 - Bigg Kish authoring a BOOK is on the way!!
18:56 - What is the Manufactured mindset?
22:04 - How does Bigg Kish motivate his audience?
27:18 - Bigg Kish topics on his channel are worth the SUB!!
28:40 - The current Men vs Women debacle
32:49 - Tekashi 69 mess smh
36:35 - Kish battle rap coming up!!
39:22 - How to get in touch with Bigg Kish
40:15 - Bigg Kish on the Conspiracy shxt going around
44:50 - The Tik Tok situation
49:55 - Check the FSO conspiracy show on Rumble

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