real estate

Ep. 58 – The Game is Real Estate

Flacs & King speak with Esmel Meeks, a young Real Estate investor that has changed his life around with that monthly Mailbox Money!! Watch this interview to see tips on how to make it in Real Estate.

Ep. 37 – The So Lux Life

King & Flacs speak with Krispin Watson, a real estate agent from Burmingham, Alabama. Krispin takes us on her journey of Figuring Shxt Out, becoming a real estate agent and being a successful business woman and single mom!

Ep. 28 – Brian Grimes: A Real Estate Developer Mindset

King & Flacs speak with Real Estate developer and mogul Brian Grimes!! He talks about his Cash Flow University as well as the Developer Mindset!

Ep. 8 – Alicia T. Ford Real Estate Agent

King & Flacs speak with Hampton Roads Realtor Alicia T. Ford. In this interview she sheds so much insight on the current housing market for new buyers!

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