The Figuring Shxt Out Podcast interviews William Kek, the CEO and founder of the MSQ Shop and CNTR based out of Richmond, VA. 

00:00 - Intro
01:31 - Wills Intro & Figuring Shxt Out Moment
03:35 - The Figuring Fatherhood Shxt Out Podcast
06:58 - What is the MSQ Shop?
07:44 - Who is the MSQ Shop for? History of MSQ
12:38 - Breakdown of the MSQ SHOP and services provided
14:19 - The Music never really leaves you
15:22 - Critiquing artists in the studio
19:36 - There's making music, then there's the music business
21:24 - Chasing the money vs just being a dope artist
25:00 - Drake personal studio rental for 250K?!?!?!
26:36 - Riff Raff already booked the Studio!! LOL
27:58 - The love some Artists can command vs others who struggle
31:48 - The Blog era rappers came up in a different time
33:06 - What is the secret sauce to make it big in MUSIC TODAY? Outside of just being DOPE
44:06 - Who are the Indie Artists lined up for Something INDIE Water?
47:19 - We are changing the narrative surrounding VA Artists
51:17 - More about the Something INDIE Water event coming up Apr 28-30th
53:24 - The difference between INDIE and LOCAL
54:55 - Grabbing SITW audience over to Something INDIE Water
59:57 - Where to find Will and MSQ!
1:00:00 - Close OUT!!

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