Ep. 32 – Starting a Turo Business!

King & Flacs speak with TJ The Turo Guy! Learn about the Turo car rental business and how you can purchase cars or LEVERAGE others’ cars to build up your Turo car rental business!

TJ has been renting cars for 2 years and has grown a significant business in the Turo car renting space. Learn all the tips and tricks right here in this video! If you’re interested in renting vehicles with Turo feel free to reach out to TJ!

00:00 – Intro
01:46 – TJ Turo Guy Intro
02:36 – From Corporate America to Figuring Shxt Out
04:40 – Clothing Line while working full time
07:01 – Testing Turo Business Model
09:03 – Leverage other peoples cars (OPC)
11:03 – What are the liabilities with Turo?
14:00 – Managing the schedule for car use
19:22 – Worst Turo Customer
27:10 – Profit from Smart Cars On Turo
32:43 – Car Trackers
35:29 – Insurance when a car is stolen
38:02 – Keeping home address private for pick ups & deliveries
41:00 – Using Turo to Fund the Next Business venture
45:17 – Best Mindset to run a Turo Business

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