Ep. 52 – Exodus Logistics

Flacs & King speak with Exodus Logistics Learning Center founder Charles Mundy to discuss the trucking dispatch industry and his training school. If you’re interested in a new future in the trucking dispatch listen to this episode and learn from a true veteran.

00:00 – Intro
01:48 – Intro of Charles
02:33 – What is the transportation industry about?
03:54 – Charles’ Figuring Shxt Out Moment
04:33 – Millionaire students in this program
05:29 – What is a dispatcher?
06:32 – What is the barrier to entry for this program?
07:47 – How is this industry different from others?
09:30 – How fast before joining can you earn money?
11:12 – How is competition in this industry?
12:31 – What are the hourly commitments to make it in this?
13:43 – Difference between company truck drivers and owner/operators
18:17 – Advantages of being a truck driver and shifting into this
19:20 – Who are all those guys with those headsets at Truck stops??
21:10 – What if you wanted to try but can’t drive long distances?
24:04 – Global trade
25:25 – Cheap products from Alibaba
26:00 – Speed determines your mode of transport when importing from overseas
28:03 – How is A.I. going to affect the trucking industry
30:41 – The A.I. companies changing the trucking industry
31:05 – Software engineer buying farmland LOL (conspiracy hour)
31:45 – The cost to change everything over to A.I.
32:27 – Corporate Greed and A.I.
33:44 – How to combat the automation and A.I. revolution at least try to anyway
38:08: – CBCD is on the way or is it?
39:40 – The Exodus Logistics FB and YT channels
41:19 – Lessons from Podcasting
41:57 – Go subscribe to Charles’ Youtube channel!!
44:03 – Burned by Cryptocurrency, Go get GOLD AND SILVER and other Conspiracies
49:17 – Close out! Where to find Charles Mundy and his School!!

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