Ep. 59 – Unveiling the TJL Collection: Fashion Tall Women

Flacs & King speak with Tiffany Jones of @tjlcollection2767! Tiffany speaks on her start in the fashion industry and how she got her brand on the radar of players in the WNBA!

00:00 – Intro
01:48 – Figuring Shxt Out Moment
03:15 – What were your ambitions while you were in the military?
04:35 – When did your fashion success become real?
05:38 – What’s so unique about your clothes/brand?
08:30 – How did you know you entered a market you can compete in?
10:26 – How hard was it to grow past your immediate friends n family with the business?
11:33 – Metrics for ads dont exist for this market
13:16 – How did you research your market for tall Women?
16:20 – How did you figure out going outside was a good strategy?
17:55 – Did you market directly to the WNBA?
19:20 – How do you manage growth?
21:00 – Do you do you own designs for your brand?
22:54 – How important is it to be open to your customers?
24:50 – Leveraging Trends in this new age
25:54 – What is TJL Collection goal for the next 5 years?
27:46 – Mens shoe size 13 never nowhere
32:39 – What’s the retailing plan?
38:12 – Cycles in business
38:53 – How would you describe your fashion brand?
40:20 – Who is your competition in this market?
41:42 – Who is the tallest person that has purchased from you?
43:02 – How do the sizes work for tall people?
44:58 – What is one thing you are trying to Figure Out?
46:02 – How do you find the tallest people to market to?
49:44 – What advice would you have for someone wanting to get into Fashion?
50:53 – Handling business losses with finesse!
52:45 – Close out and where to find TIFFANY!!

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