Ep. 61 – Young Investors Group

Flacs & King speak with the founder of the Young Investors Group, Kezia Hendricks! She talks about how her organization got started and what inspired her to want to give back!

00:00 – Intro
01:14 – Figuring Shxt Out moment
04:07 – What was the catalyst that started YIG?
09:45 – YIG learning about Real Estate and selling homes
10:44 – What do you say to people that get out the hood after making it?
12:15 – How do you inspire someone to want something theyve never known?
15:46 – What are some of the successes from YIG?
17:22 – YIG stepping in to help the most disenfranchised
20:49 – What is the answer to these issues in America?
26:42 – Mentoring as a woman
28:51 – Nature vs Nurture
29:45 – Poison in the music and media
37:54 – How to solve the problem of bad influence in music and media
39:28 – How to influence the youth for real for real
40:42 – How are you showing the youth how to see opportunity?
43:57 – Where will YIG be in 5 years?
45:30 – How was Investfest?
47:40 – Tech center in Hampton Roads???
49:53 – Applying for grants
52:33 – What are you trying to figure out right now?
58:29 – Outro and socials to find Keyz!!

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