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Ep. 25 – Dawn Dickson, Inventor of PopCom!

King & Flacs close out Season One with the Great DAWN DICKSON!

Ep. 24.75 – KRS ONE & The Fourth Dimension

King & Flacs speak on the fourth dimension and a video about KRS One dropping knowledge on the power of the mind.

Ep. 24 – Tremaine Wills, HIGH Vibrational Financial Advisor

King & Flacs speak with the highest vibration financial advisor out there!

Ep. 23.5 – Podcast Intro Course Coming Soon!

King & Flacs talk about their upcoming Intro to Podcasting Course and NDI technology Flacs stumbled upon.

Ep. 23 – Butter Cups, Serial Entrepreneur

King & Flacs speak with serial entrepreneur Butter Cups! Tap in!

Ep. 22.5 – Consistency!!

King & Flacs discuss the beauty of being Consistent. Also we get a live call from Chief Yagga himself!!

Ep. 22 – El Capitan Ambassador!

King & Flacs speak with one half of the Leaders Only Podcast, El Capitan. Watch this episode and start thinking clearly!

Ep. 21.5 – Gratitude!

King & Flacs go into details on how to be more gracious and attract better situations!!

Ep. 21 – Shintina Garris, Author & Motivational Speaker

King & Flacs speak with Author and motivational speaker Shintina Garris about her journey through anxiety & depression!

Ep. 20.5 – 2020 Faces Recap for Norfolk Carib Fest

King & Flacs recap the 2020 Faces vendor table at the Norfolk Carib Fest 2022!

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