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Ep. 85 – Your Favorite Wedding Photographer

This week we speak with Dora Breaux about how she’s growing her photography business and what she foresees with her business in the future.

EP. 84 – Tech Talk! Is AI Real?

This week for Episode 84 Flacs & King dive into some tech topics!

Ep. 83 – Working with Faith

This week we speak with guest Hen. Who speaks on how his Faith helped him figure his Shxt out while leading him to his purpose.

Ep. 82 – The beard life was in me! 

This week we speak with guest Arrington Gavin. He shares how he started his business producing products for men beards in addition to being a radio personality.

Ep. 81 – Minister of Chocolate

This week we speak with Justin Frank Polgar on how he became the Minister of Chocolate, along with the ups and downs moments of an entrepreneurship.

Ep. 80 – Our Brand Media

This week we speak with Cheryl Patrice and got to know more about Our Brand Media her new streaming platform!

Ep. 79 – Charged UP Fest

Flacs and King speak with Richmond’s very own Noah-O of Charged Up Entertainment!
Don’t miss Charged UP FEST this May 30-June 2 in Richmond VA! Noah-O also goes into details about his ongoing legal troubles with his Charged up trademark brand.

Ep. 78 – Financial Literacy

Flacs & King speak with Ty Watson a finance guy by trade who knows much about the ins and outs of investments and making money! We pick his brain on finances, Crypto, BRICS and More!

Ep. 77 – Wear Your Seatbelts!

Flacs & King speak with Exodus Logistics Learning Center’s Charles Mundy! This is his second time on the podcast and he’s catching us up on the trucking industry, AI and for god sakes wear your seat belts!

Ep. 76 – Top Reasons To Homeschool

Bunee Flacs & King Arthur speak with Satoria Holland of “Love You Louder” ( In this first episode of Season Four we go into depth on homeschooling, the benefits of being a stay at home Mom and some of the controversy surrounding our Public School system!

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